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EuroHPC and H2020 call details from 2020 Work Programme

Topic/ Call Description Budget estimate (million euro) Funding rate non-profit Funding rate profit Call closing date
Advanced pilots towards the European supercomputers 74 50%   50%   15/09/2020
Pilot on quantum simulator 12 50%   50%   28/07/2020
Framework Partnership Agreement in European low-power microprocessor technologies (Phase 2) 70 50%   50%   12/01/2021
Training and Education on High Performance Computing 14 50%   50%   12/01/2021

Caption for 2020 workprogramme

Caption: Three calls from the draft 2020 work programme of EuroHPC. There are no links to the H2020 submission system yet.

EuroHPC and H2020 call details

Topic/ Call Description Budget estimate (million euro) Funding rate non-profit Funding rate profit Call closing date
Extreme scale computing and data driven technologies 50 50%   50%   14/01/2020
HPC and data centric environments and application platforms 40 50%   35%   14/01/2020
Industrial software codes for extreme scale computing environments and applications 20 50%   35%   14/01/2020
HPC Competence Centres (RIA) 56 50%   50%   14/11/2019
HPC Competence Centres (CSA) 2 100%   100%   14/11/2019
Stimulating the innovation potential of SMEs 10 100%   100%   14/11/2019
Centres of Excellence in exascale computing 20 100%   100%   13/11/2019
Pilot on using the European cloud infrastructure for public administrations 9 100%   100%   12/03/2020
International Cooperation on HPC 0.5 100%   100%   22/04/2020

Caption. The table lists the open calls for EuroHPC from the 2019 Work Programme and open calls for H2020 with an HPC component (not all budget has been transferred to EuroHPC).  We indicate the percentage of funding a project partner can get from the EuroHPC or H2020 funding. When this percentage is not 100%, additional funding can sometimes be provided by national funding programmes. The estimated budget depends on what the countries will contribute. Also, with some calls budget can shift from one topic to another.

Individual country contribution to project funding

Towards extreme scale technologies and applications Innovating and widening the HPC use and skills base
Country Participation in 1st action line Participation in 2nd action line No Split between action lines Total Maximum budget
Austria 1.5 1.5
Belgium 1 1
Bulgaria 0.5 0.5
Croatia 0.4 0.4
Cyprus 1 1
Czech Republic 3 1 4
Denmark 1 1 2
Estonia 1 1
Finland 1 1
France 11 1 12
Germany 13 1 14
Greece 2.5 0.9 3.4
Hungary 0.75 0.75
Ireland 0.5 0.5
Italy 23 1 24
Latvia 0.5 0.5
Lithuania 0.135 0.135
Luxembourg No information available (yet)
Norway 0.5 1 1.5
Poland 2 1 3
Portugal 0.9 1 1.9
Romania No information available (yet)
Slovakia No information available (yet)
Slovenia 0.2 0.1 0.3
Spain 2.5 2.5
Sweden 1.35 1 2.35
Switzerland 0.5 0.5
the Netherlands 0
Turkey 0.75 1 1.75
Montenegro 0
North Macedonia 0
EuroHPC Budget 55 40 95

EuroHPC grants - coverage by countries

EuroHPC  research grants will in general only cover  50% of a project proposal's budget. Each partner in an accepted project proposal must pay the other 50% from other sources. The general idea is the countries' national research and development programmes cover this. For the calls that opened on 25 July 2019, about half of the participating EuroHPC countries already know if they will make money available, and whether that amount has a maximum or not. For some calls there are different percentages for profit and not-for profit organisations. Yes, it is complicated. About half of the countries do not know yet what they do. This makes it very difficult for organisations to start working in an international consortium on preparing proposals as the first call already closes in November.

The data in the attached table is taken from information from the EuroHPC JU site and from own research. Please consult your national organisation before making any commitments for participating in a project.

The total amount of committed budget does not match the EuroHPC central contribution. This is because many countries did not provide details yet. Also some countries do not allocate a specific budget, but will just provide a contribution on a case by case basis.

If you spot information that is incorrect, please let us know.

The information on the call can be found at: First EuroHPC research and innovation calls are now open for submission .

Please always consult the latest official version of the call documents to be sure:

Please take care that the documents do not contain a change log. 

Caption: The countries that intended to contribute to partners in their country in approved EuroHPC projects to the EuroHPC calls that opened on 25 July 2019 and that are now closed. Numbers in millions of Euro. Green: a country will contribute. Red: a country will not contribute. White: the country does not know (yet). The numbers are the maximum of the budget that has been allocated by a country. 

Some countries co-fund up tot 50% for each activity, and each type of organisation. Other countries have very complex schemes.

Please note some actions are 100% funded so do not require national co-financing. 

Last Update: 2020-01-16