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EuroHPC - Europe's journey to exascale HPC

On these pages, the team  of Primeur Magazine keeps you up to date on the EuroHPC developments. EuroHPC is a joint collaboration between European countries and the European Union about developing and supporting exascale supercomputing by 2022/2023. The EuroHPC declaration, signed on March 23 2017 signed by 7 countries marked the beginning of EuroHPC and of this portal.

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Participants in petascale & pre-exascale hosting entitites

The  8 hosting sites will be located in Sofia (Bulgaria), Ostrava (Czechia), Kajaani (Finland), Bologna (Italy), Bissen (Luxembourg), Minho (Portugal), Maribor (Slovenia), and Barcelona (Spain).  In total, 19 of the 28 countries participating in the Joint Undertaking will be part of the consortia operating the centres. Together with EU funds, it represents a total budget of 840 million euro. The exact funding arrangements for the new supercomputers will be reflected in hosting agreements that will be signed soon.

The systems in Barcelona (Spain), Bologna (Italy), and Kajaani (Finland) will host pre-exascale systems.

In the Spanish consortium, also Portugal, Ireland, Romania and Turkey participate. In the Italian Consortium also Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia and Hungary participate. In the Finnish consortium, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Norway, Poland, Sweden and  Switzerland participate.

Page updated: 2019-09-19

Latest news


EuroHPC work programme 2020 calls for consolidation type of projects with a budget of 170 million euro

Almere, 2020-03-16 - The EuroHPC JU will open three calls for proposals this year, starting in April. A modest 85 million euro is still available from the general European Union EuroHPC budget. This should be matched by a similar amount from the EuroHPC participation states. Noteworthy is that UK organisations can still participate, but that at some calls it may be difficult for US, Chinese, or Japanese companies to participate, even if they have a strong research presence in Europe. Read further...

Details of the three upcoming 2020 EuroHPC JU Calls for Proposals

Almere, 2020-03-16 - In 2020, the EuroHPC JU intends to launch three Calls for Proposals. The calls will open in April and July. Read further...

EuroHPC JU will move to the Drosbach building in Luxembourg

Almere, 2020-03-16 - The EuroHPC JU will have its permanent offices at the Drosbach Building in Luxembourg, close to the Euro Forum where it was temporarily located. According to the 2020 workplan, it is also expected there will be some permanent staff working for EuroHPC JU. Some 1,3 million euro is budgeted for direct personnel costs in 2020. In 2019, this was operated by the European Commission. At the end of 2020, EuroHPC should be fully staffed with about 15 fte. Read further...

Supercomputing Frontiers 2020 conference chooses for transformation not cancellation: transforms into a virtual conference

Warsaw, 2020-03-12 - After a dozen or so cancelled HPC events, we can now report about one that tries a new approach: go completely virtial. Supercomputing Frontiers 2020 has decided to go completely virtual. For a small registration fee everyone over the whole world can participate. We at Primeur Magazine hope we will see more innovative ways of the HPC community to come together. Read further...

ETP4HPC's fourth Strategic Research Agenda is available

Oegstgeest, 2020-03-03 - The European Technology Platform for High Performance Computing (ETP4HPC) has made available its fourth Strategic Research Agenda. Read further...

EuroHPC Summit in Porto cancelled

Porto, 2020-03-11 - The EuroHPC Summit organising committee said that considering the current situation with many organisations putting travel bans in place, and local and national governments ordering quarantine perimeters around clusters of infections, it has come to the conclusion that continuing the conference is untenable and therefore decided to cancel the event. The event will not be rescheduled. Some parts will be run as virtual events. Read further...

New Minister of Economic affairs of Luxembourg meets Italian governement officials and discuss EuroHPC

Luxembourg, 2020-03-05 - Last month Étienne Schneider has stepped down as Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of the Economy, Minister of Health, in Luxembourg. Étienne Schneider was one of the driving forces of EuroHPC, one of the reasons why the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking is located in Luxembourg, and signed the original EuroHPC declaration in March 2017. One of the activities this month of the new Minister of the Economy, Luxembourg, Franz Fayot was to talk to Italian Government representatives. Collaboration, including EuroHPC, was on their agenda. Read further...

The EuroHPC Governing Board has elected Herbert Zeisel as its new chair

Luxembourg, 2020-02-10 - Already last year, the EuroHPC Governing Board elected Herbert Zeisel as its new chair. Herbert Zeisel was involved in EuroHPC from the beginning, as he signed the EuroHPC declaration three years ago on behalf of Germany. Herbert Zeisel is Deputy Director General for Key Technologies for Growth, Ministry of Education and Research - Germany (BMBF). Read further...