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EuroHPC supercomputer systems


Identifier: 971
TypeOfSystem: petascale
SystemName: PetaSC
Description: A 4 Petaflop/s supercomputer. The supercomputer will be operational by the end of 2020.
LeadCountry: BG
EuroHPCContribution: 4306925

Czech Republic

Identifier: 970
TypeOfSystem: petascale
SystemName: EURO_IT4I
Description: The system will have a theoretical peak of 13,6 PetaFlop/s. It will consist of a general processing part with 600 nodes and a total of 2,23 Petaflop/s and an accelerator part of 70 servers each with 8 GPUs each and a peak of 6,3 Petaflop/s. For AI applications the performance will be 100 - 150 Peta-operations/second.
LeadCountry: CZ
EuroHPCContribution: 5250000

Finland - LUMI

Identifier: 966
ParticipatingCountries: BE, CZ, DK, EE, NO, PL, SE, CH
TypeOfSystem: pre-exascale
SystemName: LUMI
Description: This consortium provides a high-quality, cost-efficient and environmentally sustainable HPC ecosystem based on true European collaboration. At the core of the consortium’s expertise is a solid tradition of collaboration in HPC training and education, user support and data management services, since purchasing and operating supercomputers alone will not ensure Europe a leading place in innovation and science without the necessary training and skills development. The LUMI system will cost 209 million euro and have a peak performance of over 200 Petaflop/s
LeadCountry: FI
EuroHPCContribution: 102262500

Italy - Leonardo

Identifier: 968
ParticipatingCountries: AT, HU, SK, SI
TypeOfSystem: pre-exascale
SystemName: Leonardo
Description: The Leonardo Consortium with Slovenia, led by Cineca, and composed of the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (MIUR), the National Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN) and by the International School of Advanced Studies (SISSA), with the support of the Emilia-Romagna Region. The system will have a peak perfomance of 270 Petaflop/s and cost 240 million euro. Technical details:3 Modules; 5000 computing nodes; 200+ PFlop/s; 3+ PByte RAM; 150 PB I/O; 150 PByte of storage; 1TB/s bandwidth; 200Gb/s interconnection bandwidth; 9 MW; PUE 1,08; 240 Mln Euro investment 1500+ m**2 footprint.
LeadCountry: IT
EuroHPCContribution: 114222000

Luxembourg - MeluXina

Identifier: 969
TypeOfSystem: petascale
SystemName: MeluXina
Description: The Luxembourg project, called Melixina and aiming to install a 10 Pflops supercomputer at LuxConnect in Bissen, was thus selected and will obtain European co-financing (around 35% in CAPEX) for the realization of its own HPC which will integrate the European network of supercomputers.
LeadCountry: LU
EuroHPCContribution: 10815000

Portugal - Deucalion

Identifier: 973
ParticipatingCountries: ES
TypeOfSystem: petascale
SystemName: Deucalion
Description: The Deucalion system expected to start being installed by the end of 2020 at the Minho Advanced Computing Centre (MACC).
LeadCountry: PT
EuroHPCContribution: 7175000

Slovenia - VEGA

Identifier: 972
TypeOfSystem: petascale
SystemName: VEGA
Description: VEGA will be a 5 Petaflop/s system. It will be hosted at the Maribor Supercomputer Centre. It is part of the RIVR.HPC project.
LeadCountry: SI
EuroHPCContribution: 6500000

Spain - MareNostrum 5

Identifier: 967
ParticipatingCountries: HR, IE, PT, RO, TR
TypeOfSystem: pre-exascale
SystemName: MareNostrum V
Description: The MareNostrum 5 will consist of two big clusters with together a peak performance of 200 Petaflop/s. The total cost will be 223 million euro for purchase, installation and operation for 5 years. There will be a small separate experimental prototype system too. The contribution from EuroHPC for this system is 5.150.000 euro (not included in the 102 million euro for the pre-exascale system)
LeadCountry: ES
EuroHPCContribution: 102002419