Research projects

An overview of European Reseach projects funded by Horizon 2020 framework programme  of the European Union. Projects range from Centres of Excellence to design for exascale systems. Please note we do not include national projects (yet).

The budget for each project is the costs estimated for the project. In general that is also the amount of funding requested. But be aware that this is not always the case.

Currently we have 78 projects listed below. Scroll down if you do not see them all.

Interested which organisations participate in most projects? Scroll down further to Organisations with most funded H2020 projects.


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EuroHPC related projects funded by the European Union

Organisations with most funded H2020 projects

Which organisations participate in most H2020 HPC related projects? From the projects above we did list all organisations that participate in at least 5 different H2020 funded projects

Organisations with most funded H2020 projects