An Overview of the signing of the EuroHPC declaration

EuroHPC Declaration

On March 23, 2017, seven European countries signed an agreement to start  a European HPC programme that will eventually lead to European exascale supercomputers called EuroHPC.  The original EuroHPC declaration was signed in Rome by France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain. Meanwhile 25 countries have joined EuroHPC



June/July 2017 - Belgium and Slovenia joined the EuroHPC declaration

Belgium  signed the EuroHPC declaration on June 9, 2017. and Slovenia joined the EuroHPC declaration on July 17,  2017.

October 2017 - Bulgaria, & Switzerland signed EU declaration

On October 13, 2017 Bulgaria joined EuroHPC. On October 20,  2017 Switzerland joined EuroHPC.

When EuroHPC JU was formally adopted on September 28, 2018, Switzerland was not included.

January 2018 - Czech Republic signed the EuroHPC declaration

The Czech Republic signed the EuroHPC declaration on January  24, 2018

February 2018 - Cyprus signed the EuroHPC declaration

Cyprus  signed the EuroHPC declaration probably  on February 8,  2018


However it is not certain yet whether Cyprus will sign the EuroHPC JU from the start (News from 2018-05-01). And indeed they are not on the list of the final EuroHPC Regulation text  countries of 2018-09-18.

May 2018 - Poland signed the EuroHPC declaration

Poland  signed the EuroHPC declaration probably  on May 28,  2018

June 2018 - Lithuania, Austria, Sweden and Finland signed the EuroHPC declaration

On June 1st, 2018,Lithuania announced it will sign the EuroHPC Declaration. On June 23d, 2018, Austria signed the EuroHPC Declaration. On June 24, Seden and Finland signed the declaration.

However,  Sweden is not one of the founding members of EuroHPC JU according to the regulation text.

July 2018 - Latvia to join EuroHPC

On July 17, Latvia commited to join EuroHPC JU. The EuroHPC declaration has not yet been signed.

August 2018 - Estonia joined EuroHPC

On August 24 208, Estonia signed the EuroHPC declaration

September 2018 - Denmark, Romania, Ireland, Norway and Slovakia joined EuroHPC

On September 13, the Romanian government adopted a memorandum to join EuroHPC. On September 27 is mentioned to be joining EuroHPC.
On September 25 2018, Denmark signed the EuroHPC declaration.

On September 28, also Ireland, Norway, Slovakia and Hungary were listed in the EuroHPC regulation as founding members. (Regulation text itself dates from September 18.)