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On these pages, the team  of Primeur Magazine keeps you up to date on the EuroHPC developments. EurnoHPC is a joint collaboration between European countries and the European Union about developing and supporting exascale supercomputing by 2022/2023. The EuroHPC declaration, signed on March 23 2017 signed by 7 countries marked the beginning of EuroHPC. Meanwhile there are 13 countries that have joined EuroHPC.

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European Commission proposes to invest 1 billion euro in world-class European supercomputers

Brussels, 2018-01-11 - The European Commission unveiled today its plans to invest jointly with the Member States in building a world-class European supercomputers infrastructure, confirming its commitment to EuroHPC. Today's step is crucial for the European Union's competitiveness and independence in the data economy, says the Commission. Today, European scientists and industry increasingly process their data outside the EU because their needs are not matched by the computation time or computer performance available in the EU. This lack of independence threatens privacy, data protection, commercial trade secrets, and ownership of data in particular for sensitive applications. Read further...

European High-Perfomance Computing Joint Undertaking - EuroHPC JU - in operation by 2019

Brussels, 2018-01-11 - The European High-Perfomance Computing Joint Undertaking (EuroHPC JU) will pool European resources to develop top-of-the-range exascale supercomputers for processing big data, based on competitive European technology. Read further...

Supercomputers will revolutionise machine learning, says European Commisioner Carlos Moedas

Brussels, 2018-01-11 - "This is one of the really important moments that can change the future", said Carlos Moedas at the EuroHPC press conference in Brussels announcing European supercomputer plans. "It is also probably one of the greatest examples that we have of European added value. What we are doing here with supercomputers is doing what others could not do alone." Read further...

If EuroHPC is not a success, Europe is risking outsourcing its innovative capacity to third countries, says EC Commissioner Mariya Gabriel

Brussels, 2018-01-11 - "The EuroHPC Joint Undertaking will allow us to build a pan-European infrastructure of High-Performance Computers. Through EuroHPC, we want to align national interest, industrial interests, scientific interests, all around one single project", said European Commissioner Mariya Gabriel at a EuroHPC press conference in Brussels. "First of all to finance competitive European HPC technology. Furthermore, we want to build jointly the pre-exascale infrastructure which will be amongst the most advanced in the world. The importance of this joint undertaking was recognized by 13 member states and associated countries." Read further...

European Commission issues synopsis report and contributions to the EuroHPC targeted consultation

Brussels, 2018-01-11 - The 'targeted stakeholder consultation' on the Common European initiative on High Performance Computing (HPC) was held from 3 August to 5 September 2017. The responses of participants and stakeholders who gave their consent to publication as well as a synopsis report analysing the results of this public consultation are now available. Read further...

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