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On these pages, the team  of Primeur Magazine keeps you up to date on the EuroHPC developments. EuroHPC is a joint collaboration between European countries and the European Union about developing and supporting exascale supercomputing by 2022/2023. The EuroHPC declaration, signed on March 23 2017 signed by 7 countries marked the beginning of EuroHPC. Meanwhile there are 21 countries that have joined EuroHPC. However it is not certain yet whether Cyprus will sign the EuroHPC JU from the start (News from 2018-05-01). Latvia  was the latest country  to join EuroHPC. Estonia's Minister of Education and Research proposed Estonia will join next. (News 2018-08-10).

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German HPC and EuroHPC, a question of competitive collaboration benefiting science

Frankfurt, 2018-08-13 - After his presentation at ISC'18 in the session "German HPC in Context",Primeur Magazinewas able to talk with Michael Resch, Chairman of the Gauss Centre for Supercomputing. His talk covered the German HPC developments, also in connection with the European developments in EuroHPC. Michael Resch toldPrimeur Magazinethat all these things fit nicely together because Germany has been very active. It was among the first countries to sign the agreement for the EuroHPC Declaration. This fits nicely, both to the German strategy and the German strategy fits nicely into EuroHPC. These are two very complementary activities. Read further...

Estonia to join the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking as 22nd country

Tallinn, 2018-08-10 - The Minister of Education and Research, Mailis Reps proposed that Estonia will join EuroHPC. Joining the European High-Performance Computing Joint Undertaking gives Estonia the right to participate fully in the work of the Governing Board of EuroHPC and to vote in administrative decisions. The HPC Steering Board is also the decision-making body to agree on the content of the competitions in the HPC's second pillar, or the research and innovation programme competitions, and more precise terms of participation. It is also one of the motivators of Estonia's accession. Read further...

Latvia 21st country to join EuroHPC JU

Brussels, 2018-07-17 - As expected Latvia has officially announced its intention to join EuroHPC JU - the European legal entity to procure and produce exascale supercomputers. Latvian Minister for Education and Science Professor Karlis Šadurskis has signed the EuroHPC declaration. If all goes as planned, EuroHPC will come into existence in September 2018. Read further...

European parliament votes in favour of EuroHPC JU

Strassbourg, 2018-07-03 - The European Parliament has voted in favour of the EuroHPC Joint undertaking. This is a major step towards the creation and acquisition of European exascale supercomputers that will rank among the world's top 3 in 2022. Read further...

European Commission welcomes Parliament vote on plans to establish EuroHPC JU

Brussels, 2018-07-03 - Today in Strasbourg the European Parliament voted to approve the European Commission's proposal to establish a European High Performance Computing Joint Undertaking (EuroHPC JU), a legal and funding entity that will pool EU and national resources to build world-class high performance computing (also known as supercomputing) and data infrastructures in Europe. This result is welcomed by the European Commission. The proposal to establish the EuroHPC JU will be formally adopted by the Council of the European Union in September. Read further...

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