EuroHPC - Europe's journey to exascale HPC

On these pages, the team  of Primeur Magazine keeps you up to date on the EuroHPC developments. EuroHPC is a joint collaboration between European countries and the European Union about developing and supporting exascale supercomputing by 2022/2023. The EuroHPC declaration, signed on March 23 2017 signed by 7 countries marked the beginning of EuroHPC.  

On September 28, 2018  The EuroHPC Joint Undertaking (JU) was formally established by the European Council. This marks an important milestone in Europe's exascale journey.

On November 6, 2018 the first meeting of the Governance Board was held in Luxembourg.

On January 21st, 2019, EuroHPC JU published its first call: hosting entities for  pre-exascale supercomputers. See our introduction: "So you want to host a 250 million euro European pre-exascale supercomputer with EuroHPC funding?"

On February 15, 2019, the second call was opened: EuroHPC opens call for at least two petascale hosting entities - budget 30 million Euro


In June 2019 it was revealed that  - no surprise -  all three pre-exascale and 5 petascale propososals are accepted.

We did add a - still experimental - timeline displaying the development of EuroHPC during the past two years.



The known candidates to host pre-exascale and exascale EuroHPC systems. All pre-exascale proposals are accepted.

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EuroHPC News highlights

The Luxembourgian supercomputer "Meluxina" will be part of the European network EuroHPC

Luxembourg, 2019-06-14 - On June 14, 2019, the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Economy, Étienne Schneider; the Deputy Director General of the Directorate General of Communication Networks, Content and Technologies at the European Commission, Khalil Rouhana, as well as LuxConnect CEO Roger Lampach presented the future supercomputer in Luxembourg, named "Meluxina", which will join the European network of EuroHPC supercomputers. Read further...

Switzerland contributing to one of the most competitive supercomputers in the world to be placed in Finland

Lugano, 2019-06-06 - The Swiss National Supercomputing Centre CSCS of ETH Zurich will represent Switzerland in a joint endeavour to acquire, build and deploy a world-class computing and data infrastructure at the IT Center for Science's data centre in Kajaani, Finland. Eight countries and the EU will participate in this unique joint endeavour that will deploy by the end of 2020 one of the fastest and most advanced supercomputers in the world, providing highly competitive HPC resources for Europe's scientific, industrial and public users with EuroHPC funding. Read further...

Kalray at the heart of the European Processor Initiative

Grenoble, 2019-06-13 - Kalray, a pioneer in processors for new intelligent systems, will be a key technology provider and partner of the European Processor Initiative (EPI) with its MPPA cluster - Massively Parallel Processor Array - technology. In particular, on account of its expertise and unique technology, Kalray will lead the acceleration technology work for the automotive version of the next generation EPI processor. Read further...

Joint PRACE IAC and EuroHPC INFRAG Workshop on Support for Industrial Users

Brussels, 2019-06-13 - On June 3, 2019, the PRACE Industrial Advisory Committee (IAC) welcomed the EuroHPC Infrastructure Advisory Group (INFRAG) to their biannual meeting to discuss user requirements for industry. The PRACE IAC was set up in 2013 to give independent advice to PRACE and has been consulted on various services including SHAPE, training and open access. Members include C-level representatives of small, medium and large firms (industry users), as well as trade associations such as NAFEMS (engineering) and CEFIC (chemistry). ETP4HPC is also represented as an observer. Read further...

Italy to host one of the supercomputers funded by EuroHPC

Bologna, 2019-06-10 - Italy will host one of the pre-exascale class computers funded by the European Union in the context of EuroHPC, a joint collaboration between European countries and the European Union about developing and supporting exascale supercomputing by 2022/2023. Read further...

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