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Important Project of Common European Interest on HPC and Big Data Enabled Applications

IPCEI, an Important Project of Common European Interest is a parallel initiative to EuroHPC. The long name is "Important Project of Common European Interest on HPC and Big Data Enabled Applications (IPCEI-HPC-BDA)". It is already under development for several years. An IPCEI main purpose is to support European industry in a specific area where it is clearly lagging behind compared to industry elsewhere. However, it should not support only one or a few companies. Because the US, Japan, and China are strongly supporting their own  supercomputing industry,  it makes sense to see whether there is a need for Europe to support an own industry in this strategic area.

The IPCEI for HPC at the moment involves France, Italy, Spain, and Luxembourg but it is also open to other countries in the European Union. The connection between EuroHPC and the IPCEI is to relate this to the establishment of a commons of industry. There are a lot of standards, there are a lot of industrial initiatives in Europe and we are in a globalized free market but there has to be the guarantee of some commons from the industrial point of vue of standards.

There has to be established a middleware between the high-level EuroHPC policy addressed initiative and the reality of industry. This is the main goal of IPCEI: how to engage the industry through this commons, based on the development of some case studies or pilots, including personalized medicine led by Spain; innovation 4.0 led by Italy; smart manufacturing led by France; and remote sensing led by Luxembourg.

At the end of 2017 there is not any visible activity anymore for a considerable time around IPCEI. The project seems to be abonded with elements incorporated into EuroHPC.

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